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Created and Produced by Dallas Frazier

© ℗ 2011 Dallas Frazier Productions, LLC. All Rights Reserved

“The Croak Masters and all characters and names are trademarks of Dallas Frazier Productions, LLC.”
3D Animation and Modeling by John Wyrosdick

The Croak Masters singing B.B. Baker. The first cut on Dallas’ new CD Written by Dallas Frazier and Gerry Phillips.




Ralphie Bugsnackerson
Ralphie’s life started in the warm July water of a small creek about two miles from Sallisaw, Oklahoma. His folks were poor, but Ralphie had dreams that poverty could not smother. Ralphie’s mother and dad weren’t musically talented, but from his earliest years, he recalls wanting to play music, write and sing his own songs. Even though he had a tenacious determination, Ralphie’s aspirations did not go unchallenged. “Who do you think you are?” The other frogs would snicker! “You ain’t nothing but a frog! And, a dirt poor okie frog at that.” But Ralphie didn’t let his doubting critics keep him from leaping forward. He formed a band in his early teenage years and before long was playing jobs in all kinds of venues. Ralphie has country music roots, but he also loves to rock and “wring out” the blues. After a few years of developing his gifts and getting the right band members on board, they started making some nationwide noise. Today, “The Croak Masters” are making one of the biggest splashes ever made in the music business. However, success has not changed Ralphie all that much. Ralphie will never forget his humble beginnings. He has been quoted as saying, “beneath this green skin of mine, is a common, redneck frog that just happened to make it.” Ralphie is single, but he is looking! He says the rumors about him and Toadie dating are not true. However, while denying the rumors, he flashes a blushing smile. In his down time, Ralphie likes day hiking…..restoring old classic cars……and grilling “bug burgers” out in the back yard. You car buffs, keep your eyes open!… just might see Ralphie cruising through your town in his “scalding hot,” candy apple red, ‘57 Chevy!
Toadie McRibbet
Toadie was hatched in an irrigation canal not far from Bakersfield, California. Her mom knew immediately that she was gifted and different from the other tadpoles. Toadie excelled in school and was popular with all the frogs her age, especially the boys. Of course, that’s an automatic with a “looker” like Toadie. She plays several instruments, but piano is her favorite. Becoming an actress, has been Toadie’s life long dream. And, she’ll probably succeed! She seems to accomplish whatever she sets her mind to. Right after her graduation from High School, she was voted Miss Amphibian Of The Year! Besides being a great musician, Toadie is also a “bring the house down singer.” Ralphie met her in Nashville, where she was working as a session pianist and back up singer. When he heard her play and sing, he immediately offered her a deal with The Croak Masters and she accepted. “Frogbeat,” the #1 magazine specializing in amphibian talent, predicts that she is headed for mega stardom. Toadie says that Aretha Franklin and Carrie Underwood are her favorite female vocalists. Her hobbies include roller skating and jogging. And, she has an extraordinary collection of Elvis Memorabilia.
Jack P. Splatterumall
The egg that contained Jack P. was laid and hatched in a swamp near Lafayette, Louisiana. Jack P. had a rough life growing up. Shortly after he was hatched, his dad was accidentally killed by a fishing boat. Losing his dad put a real hardship on his mom. However, she raised not only Jack P., the baby of the family, but seven other tadpoles as well. The Splatterumall kids were known to be tough. But, all of them were honest, upright and hard working frogs. By the time Jack P. became an adolescent, he had earned the reputation of being “a frog not to mess with.” Hardship had taught him that survival meant kicking and clawing to keep from sinking to the bottom. When Jack P. was confronted with a challenge, he tore into it like he was part alligator. Besides being fearless, he is one big specimen of a hunk. Jack P.’s first job was that of a bouncer in a blues joint. The joint had a small combo and that’s where Jack P. fell in love with music and learned how to sing and play the bass. One night Ralphie Bugsnackerson came through town and dropped in where Jack P. was working. By this time, Jack P. was a “regular” with the combo. When Jack P. heard that Ralphie was looking for a new bass man, he said, “Ralphie, I’d give anything to be a part of The Croak Masters. And, I promise, I won’t let you down.” Ralphie really liked his style and hired him on the spot. The rest is history! As mentioned, Jack P. is big! And, he can be tough when he has to be. But, he is also kind and gentle. The band affectionately calls him “the big ‘ol Teddy Frog.” Jack P. loves boxing and wrestling……has got all of Clint Eastwood’s movies…..and shoots a little pool every chance he gets.
Harry Hopalotvich
Harry’s life began in a farm pond, in the north east corner of Connecticut. His mom and dad were musicians. Consequently, he fell in love with music while still in his tadpole stage. Harry is the only one in the band with a formal music education. He earned his masters degree while attending the world famous “Amphibian School Of Music,” in New York City. However, at heart, Harry is a “get down” type of frog that loves all kinds of commercial music as well as classical. About two years ago, he realized he was tired of playing in symphonies and Broadway orchestras. So, he decided he would go on the road with some guys who could rock. He says he’s never had so much fun in all his life! The band loves Harry and feels fortunate to have him. Many times Ralphie has said, “how did The Croak Masters ever croak without Harry?” He has a keen sense of humor,……is considerate of others……is dependable and professional to the bone. Harry has been called “The Musician’s Musician.” Besides being an avid reader, he collects coins and writes poetry.
Mario Francis Froghetti
Mario was hatched and raised in a tiny suburban pond, just outside Cleveland, Ohio. He had a really good childhood while growing up. His folks made lots of sacrifices so they could support him in all his sports activities and musical aspirations. However, they laugh when they talk about his night and day non-stop drumming. His dad says it just about drove him “hopless.” But, he also says that Mario’s success has made it all worth while. Early on in life, Mario decided that the term, “average frog,” would not be connected to his name. Having a perfectionist nature, he is driven to perform and get things just right. The band jokingly calls him the “neat freak.” The Croak Masters always look forward to working in the Cleveland area. When they do, Mario’s mom, Mrs. Froghetti, has the whole band over for her legendary “cricket legs linguini.” They can’t say enough about her “croakumptious,” amphibian cuisine. Mario has been with Ralphie since the band was first organized. Like the other band members, he is single. He loves the girls, but he’s not ready to settle down yet. Mario is an avid sports fan! - - - A champion at chess! - - - and a fanatic about staying in top physical condition.

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